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The staff at Outergate LLC has the experience needed in the insurance adjustment field. We're a locally owned business based in Edmond but serving the entire state of Oklahoma. I can handle your statewide adjusting needs.  Using the most up-to-date business tools, we can determine the exact amount of any insurance claim.

Quickest Response to any of your auto and cargo claim, with 1 to 2 day turn around if possible. Getting all of the information right the first time is very important saving you and your company money. Outergate  Claims Service provides you, the  customer, with the best possible claims handling experience.  Best Reporting, Best Response and Best Pricing. 





 Outergate LLC, an independent adjusting firm located in Edmond, OK. We lead the industry with our depth and breadth of claims  services and our years of experience is shown in our final product.. From cargo claims,  to auto claims, and other types of claims, we can handle them quick and accurate. Using the latest  innovative techniques and being an independent adjuster, we will provide the best dedicated service to all your claims. We are quick to respond and give you the detail reporting that is needed for closer.




Doing the very best for each of our clients is the most important part, that  is what we do. We offer all types of services that relate to your claim and reporting needs. From Site Evaluations, Cargo Inspections or Accident Scene Reviews. We are your beginning to end service provider. We will take care of you.

24 X 7 On call 

5+ years handling claims/reporting

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Giving you, the customer, our very best of Service and Support!

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P O Box 5962 Edmond, OK 7303

(405) 601-3782

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Oklahoma and Kansas.